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Associate Professor Patrick Ong

Prof Patrick Ong has taught many engineering, computing, mathematics, and physics related courses at NTU, SIM University, and schools in the UK for more than 20 years. He was a graduate of Southampton University, Imperial College and has spent study and research sabbaticals at Cambridge University, Melbourne University and University of Western Australia . He has also published many papers in scientific journals and conferences at NTU. Having been a practicing professional engineer for over ten years before his academic career, he has first hand experience of real world science and engineering applications and problems. He also holds senior memberships of many learned and professional societies , both in Singapore ,UK and USA. He has taught many generations of O-level, A-level , undergraduate and postgraduate students in his long teaching career. The students will have the benefit of the best possible guidance and coaching academically and career¨Cwise under his tutoring.

Mr Alex Chian

Mr Alex Chian has Bachelor¡¯s and Master¡¯s degrees from NUS in chemistry, and has had more than ten years of experience in teaching chemistry at secondary (IP and others), IGCSE, JC, IB and tertiary levels. He is also currently a chemistry lecturer at a leading polytechnic in Singapore.

Ms A. Ghosh

Ms Ghosh is an English Language teacher who has taught for more than 20 years in schools and polytechnics. She holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in English , and has been teaching English at IGCSE , IB , ¡¯O¡¯ & ¡®A¡¯ levels.

Ms Wang Sichuan

Ms Wang has a B.A. degree from NUS majoring in history , and is also an NIE- qualified history teacher. She has taught history in secondary schools for many years, and is currently also teaching in a local secondary school.

Dr Leo Ong

Dr Leo Ong has a PhD in Communications Engineering from University of Cambridge, and a First Class Honours degree from King¡¯s College London. He has taught engineering courses in the UK previously , and is currently a part time staff at STRAND TUTORIAL SCHOOL teaching Computer Science and Software Engineering. He is a full time senior manager of engineering at a leading international MNC in the aviation sector.