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Some testimonials from past students:

Sebastian Wood:(UWC)

My Experience with Strand Tutorial School
I came to Professor Ong during the my second year of IGCSE's, after starting the course in the second term. Having no previous experience in physics meant i was struggling with my Single Science Physics course, initially scoring no higher than a C. Strand Tutorials' approach of teaching focused on getting me up to speed with the rest of the class, then supported what i was learning in class each week, allowing me to sit the exams confidently. What was different than other tutors is that Professor Ong encouraged my curiosity in the subject, and answered my questions which went beyond the syllabus, allowing me to cultivate a healthy interest in the subject. He uses his experience of living in a few different countries to offer a worldly perspective in what is being taught, and ensuring that facts aren't simply memorized, but understood and applied. Furthermore he was always there to help give me a lesson when i needed one, whether it was a holiday or weekend. After becoming a frequent student, i was able to reserve my time slots for over a year. What Strand Tutorials does well is offer a personal service, which creates a teacher student relationship similar but more focussed than the teachers and mentors in schools. With their help I was able to score an A in my IGCSE exams for Physics.
Next came the IB. I decided to continue Physics as my science option in the IB as a Higher Level course, though knew it would be may times more difficult. I once again sought Strand Tutorials' services and had tuition weekly and in my holidays. As i started to improve more and more of my school mates followed and joined Strand Tuition from Chemistry, to STS, to Math, at one period half my physics class was tutored by Professor Ong. I also took tuition from Professor Ong for my Standard Math Methods Level and improved from a 4 in Math and Physics to a 6 in both. I strongly recommend Strand's services especially with Professor Ong, and have been very happy with the quality and dedication in his practices. Using his endless pursuit of knowledge in the world of math and science, Professor Ong provides strong academic support enhanced by his genuine love for teaching.
Sebastian Wood
Feel free to contact me about my experience with Strand Tutorials

Michelle Hoon:(AJC)

When I was in JC1, I had much difficulty coping with the academic
transition from O Level to A Level curriculum. I was consistently
failing Maths C and not surprisingly, ended up with an F
in the Promotional Exam. It was very confusing and disheartening
as Maths had been my best subject which Id gotten A s in since
primary school. Thankfully, I managed to find the right tutor. Dr
Ong was very patient and systematic and guided me through
tough questions step by step. He also explained certain topics I
was not clear of as he went through my lecture notes in detail.
With his help, Maths C became a lot easier to understand and I
gradually improved by leaps and bounds! After one year of Maths
tuition with Dr Ong, I managed to get a B for Maths in the Prelim
Exam and went on to get an A in the A Level.
~ Michelle Hoon

Jess Cheong(RI)

Hi Prof Ong, I am Joyce , Jess Cheong's mother. Not sure if you still remember Jess.
She went over to your place for Math tuition last year...
Just text to inform you that she has all A for A level.
Thank you so much for your help.

RI student
Monday 3rd MArch 2016

From: Claire Tan (Hwa Chong JC 2017):

Hello Prof,
This is Claire. I got back my A-level results today and, I got a
Thank you so much to u and Mr Alex Chian for your patience
and guidance in H2 MAths and H2 Chemistry!
-Claire Tan